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June 19, 2018
As other countries are starting to come on board with supporting medicinal cannabis, it's critical to understand that how to access the medicine is part of their process. As Portugal jumps into creating a simple and easy process, this is exactly the goals and expectations of medicinal my...Read More
June 18, 2018
Riley Cote was a force to be reckoned with back in the late 2000's as he managed to own the ice in Philly and across the NHL.  Currently supporting Hemp Heals, and Athletes for Care, Riley has managed to help hundreds of athletes from all walks and organizations...Read More
June 17, 2018
Another story, this time in the United Kingdom, through the BBC UK where cannabis oil truly helped a 12 year old boy from having seizures and medical issues. Medicine should be accessible to everyone. The story gave all of us Shivers, knowing that he can now live quality...Read More
June 17, 2018
We are excited to announce a coalition member CFAMM  in our constant pursuit of making a change for the patient. Access to medicine should not be limited it should not be taxed and should be available for all Canadian citizens.Read More
June 15, 2018
Medicinal My Way is excited to announce a new Coalition Partner with MultiCare Benefits. As the laws are changing and benefits companies are now supporting through Sun Life and Manulife patients who have prescription for medicinal cannabis, reinforces our message is critical to all levels of government speaking...Read More
May 31, 2018
Canada is on its way to legalizing recreational marijuana—and this means medical cannabis patients need to work together more than ever before. While this is a progressive movement for the economy and Canadians in-favour of recreational cannabis, patients who use medicinal cannabis are being denied the same opportunity...Read More
May 22, 2018
It’s not uncommon that many patients struggle to engage with their physicians in meaningful conversations, especially when raising the subject of medical cannabis. Most people defer from discussing medicinal cannabis treatment options with their doctor because they fear irrational consequences and judgement. It’s important to remember that doctors...Read More
May 17, 2018
For years, Canadians have associated cannabis with other drugs that could lead to negative outcomes. This perspective influenced stigmatization among cannabis users and gave birth to many myths and misunderstandings concerning the use and effects of cannabis. If you have just started treatment with cannabis or know someone...Read More
March 14, 2018
It goes without saying our mission is to make cannabis medicinal available for everyone in the country. It will be interesting to see how the next provincial election will come in Ontario. As the new leader taking on the PC party Doug Ford will be speaking on behalf...Read More
March 6, 2018
A Cannabis patient since 2014. Registered with 6 Licensed Producers and sampled 8 to this day. I've have some the worst time with getting a doctor to sign. They have all the refer madness slogans for us. When I did get a doctor to sign it wasn't my...Read More