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MedicinalMyWayis working hard on an agenda to sustain Canada’s legal momentum on the accessibility of medical cannabis for patient care, and strengthen it to the benefit of every Canadian. We are calling on the federal government to re-evaluate the current process in place and make way for positive change by putting patients first.

With new laws coming into effect, the medicinal perspective is being lost- creating an unprecedented patient paradox and leaving patients to face even more barriers to their care. This needs to stop, and where YOU come in.


  1. Create access to the MEDICINAL Cannabis. Currently, patients have to mail away to get access to their medicinal cannabis. Provide patients with a “brick and mortar” solution in their communities.
  2. DON’T TAX my medicine. No other medicine is taxed and neither should medicinal cannabis.

Bad laws change when good people speak up.

Let your voice be heard loud and clear. Support the movement to make patient care our Government’s priority and let MedcinialMyWay help our country forge an improved path for enabling greater patient access to medicinal cannabis.

155 John St. S., Hamilton, ON, L8N 2C3

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As a public advocacy organization founded on principles of transparency and accountability, MMW is always pleased to receive your enquiries. Please use the form below to make contact with one of our representatives.

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