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Luncheon with Hamilton Police Chief Girt

Appointed as Chief in May 2016, Chief Eric Girt is responsible for one of the largest major municipal law enforcement agencies in the Province of Ontario. At a luncheon today hosted by the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce, he spoke about Crisis Response Units and programs within the city designed to address and serve the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Medicinal My Way was in attendance to challenge the exclusion of medical cannabis patients as part of those considered vulnerable, who have been placed directly at risk by the recent closures of local medical cannabis dispensaries. The Social Navigator Program (SNP), Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST), and Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) exist to assess and follow up with the needs of at-risk individuals -with a mental health issue or concern – who have had repeat interactions with the Hamilton Police Service….

Lofchik Order Protects Medical Dispensary

Medical cannabis patients in Canada are at the mercy of local law enforcement as local medically-focused dispensaries are targeted. In August 2017 Mr. Justice Lofchik of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered that a local cannabis dispensary could remain open on the condition they sell cannabis only to patients with a valid medical document. While a full hearing on the government’s mail order system is pending, the order was a powerful statement on the pressing need for brick and mortar solutions for patients in the community. As dispensaries around Hamilton are being targeted and forced to close, patients are desperate for the remaining few to continue operations under the Lofchik order. Toronto cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd argued the case and posited, you cannot prohibit dispensaries at a time when the government’s system is broken. In his case, Lloyd pointed out that in Allard v The Queen, Mr. Justice Phelan…

The Medical Cannabis Ad You Won't See During the Super Bowl

As of December 2018, ten American states have legalized the use of cannabis for adults, while 33 states have allowed it for medical reasons. Since more states may legalize in 2019, the de-stigmatizing of medical cannabis through education has spread to multiple media platforms, including network television. Public service announcements and product advertisements can play a critical role in sparking a public conversation on important issues. A recent ad for the Gillette campaign that launched earlier this month addressed the pervasive nature of toxic masculinity and invited men to actively challenge the stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man today. Responses to the campaign have been polarizing, but ultimately the ad succeeded in encouraging important public conversation. The growing acceptance and increasing legalization of medical cannabis in Canada and various states in the USA has also sparked a number of discussions revolving around what is acceptable…

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Opiate Crisis: How Medical Cannabis Can Help

The United States is in the midst of an opioid addiction crisis and we can see similarities in Canada. In 2017 approximately 17 Canadians a day were hospitalized due to opioid poisoning and 3,987 Canadians died from an opioid overdose, although these numbers are likely an underestimation.   Dr. Dustin Sulak is the founder and director of Integr8 Health, a network of holistic health clinics specializing in cannabis.  Dr. Dustin Sulak has written an article on how Medical Cannabis can help as a neglected treatment option for opioid addiction. “Adding cannabis to opioids makes the opioids safer. Cannabis can prevent opioid tolerance building and the need for dose escalation. Cannabis can treat the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. And cannabis is safer than other harm reduction options for people that are addicted or dependent on opioids.” To read the full article click here     References: https://cmha.ca/documents/overdose-prevention 

CFAMM Federal Finance Committee Speech with James O’Hara

On November 7th, 2018 Medicinal My Way Coalition Member James O’Hara addressed the Federal Finance Committee and below is a transcript of that speech. “Thank you Chair, and to the Standing Committee for the invitation to appear today. My name is James O’Hara and I’m the President and CEO of Canadians For Fair Access to Medical Marijuana, commonly known as CFAMM and I’m a medical cannabis patient myself. CFAMM is a national non-profit organization which has successfully represented medical cannabis patients since 2014. We speak on behalf of the approximately 350,000 medical cannabis patients in Canada today. Our organization has emerged as the thoughtful, legitimate, grassroots voice for medical cannabis in the non-profit, advocacy space today. Let me begin Mr. Chairman…by saying, 25%, that’s the average amount of tax there is on medical cannabis today. 25% and in many cases, that’s low…fully a quarter of the cost of a patient’s…

Medicinal Cannabinoids found to be Safe for Treating Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

While cannabis has been used for years by the medical community for treating various conditions, a recently published study puts the spotlight on medicinal cannabinoids as a candidate for treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a neurodegenerative disease of unknown cause that can affect a person’s brain, spinal cord, and eyes. The immune system attacks the protective outer shell of the body’s nerve systems, and eventually, a person’s nerves can become permanently damaged. As MS progresses, the brain can no longer use the nerve fibres to properly transmit signals throughout the body. Patients suffering from MS will have mild to serious symptoms that can affect, vision, speech, voluntary movement, balance, muscle control and body functions. Patients may also experience tiredness, depression, and physical pain. Symptoms vary and can either worsen or improve (with possibilities for relapse) over time. While there is no cure for MS, there are…

Ambassador Gerald Major

On October 19, 2018, we as a country celebrated the first-ever National Psoriatic Arthritis day. In keeping the momentum going we would like to highlight one of Medicinal My Way’s esteemed ambassadors, the President of the Canadian Spondylitis Association, Gerald Major. Gerald Major is a medical cannabis patient, a staunch chronic illness advocate and an arthritis survivor. Gerald’s Arthritis took him out of full-time employment 8 years ago when he was the Senior Vice President of Operations for Citibank Hedge Fund Services North America. Since then, he’s become the President of the Canadian Spondylitis Association, Vice President of Canadians for Fair Access to Medicinal Marijuana, board member and consumer group chair of the Arthritis Alliance of Canada, Best Medicine Coalition board member, and a member of Ontario Best Practice Research Initiative patient advisory committee. His passion for advocacy stems from his personal battle with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Psoriatic Arthritis, both…

National Psoriatic Arthritis Day

Lifestyle adjustments. Pain medications. Questions.  All three of these have one thing in common: Psoriatic Arthritis. Today, October 19th 2018 will be recognized as National Psoriatic Arthritis Day. For those who do not know, Psoriatic arthritis is a condition that combines the swollen sore joints of arthritis with psoriasis in the peripheral joints (the joints of your arms and legs, including the elbows, wrists, hands and feet), the axial skeleton (primarily your spine, hips and shoulders and commonly comes with pain. Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis often experience joint pain, swelling, lower back pain, heel pain, and limited motion.  Medicinal My Way’s (MMW) own Ambassador Gerald Major understands the pain that all arthritis patients endure and he advocates for education and fair access for medicinal cannabis for all patients. Gerald Major is a medical cannabis patient, a staunch chronic illness advocate, and an arthritis survivor.  MMW is working with Gerald to educate…

Former NHL player, Riley Cote, is the Topic in Last Week's Athletic Toronto Article

“Former NHL enforcer Riley Cote in Toronto to promote cannabis as a tool to help all people.” – Sean Fitz-Gerald.   Sean Fitz-Gerald, a Journalist for The Athletic Toronto Media Company and attendee of the September 10th Luncheon with the Original 6, writes about Riley Cote’s mission to increase awareness about medicinal cannabis. “It’s no joke,” Cote explains. “All I want to do here today is share my story with you, my experience with you, and just offer this healing tool -at the very least, for you guys to go home and do your own research.” After retiring from the Philadelphia Flyers, Cote became a founder of Athletes for Care, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a community where athletes can find support, opportunity and purpose in life after a career in sports, as well as an Ambassador for Medicinal My way. His goal, as explained in Fitz-Gerald’s article, is…

Rob Frid Guest Stars on The Business of Cannabis - 419 Podcast

The Business of Cannabis recently launched a new podcast series called the 419, a daily show exploring the latest news with top industry experts. On August 30th, 2018, our very own Rob Frid, Ambassador for Medicinal My Way and former professional league hockey player, guest starred on the live interactive show hosted by the CEO Jay Rosenthal. Frid shares his passion for destigmatizing medicinal cannabis by discussing his long-term battle with chronic pain, due to his hockey career, and the better quality of life he’s able to live after choosing medicinal cannabis. Countless patients all over the world are suffering from chronic pain, and negative stereotypes surrounding medicinal cannabis creates roadblocks for its accessibility to patients. It’s vital that we take the time to educate ourselves about medicinal cannabis and ultimately remove the stigma attached to it. Please click the link below to listen to the full podcast and to…

Canadians have the right to quality healthcare. Together we can break barriers to access for all.
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