Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Solution?

Interesting article in the Toronto Star in respect to chronic pain being treated by medicinal cannabis. The statement of there is no science that has yet been proven to provide relief for those with medical chronic pain seems like doublespeak. Since 2001 the government has approved that medical cannabis is a prescription that can be used for ailments to assist with arthritis to cancer. It’s challenging is that it’s not speaking about the real issue and that is accessibility. The capability of having access even through recreational stores is not the proper way for people to get their prescription medicine. this is another example of how they’ve blended a medicinal prescription into a recreational access purchase. Which is not correct. as we’ve argued before it’s equal to going to the liquor store to get your prescription which is how the government has accepted the process of how many patients can…


FREE Pharma? Not Likely

Pharmacare is one of the hottest debated discussions in the next election. And yet the reality is while many patients suffer that are on disability or seeking assistance based on their limited income, if you’re a government employee you’re already receiving all the pharmaceutical support you ever needed. Why is it that a government employee is always covered and the rest of the country has to suffer. We can’t even find access through our medical cannabis prescriptions our government on all levels can’t seem to find a solution for the rest of the country. As stated in this article the green party has the most allocated for pharmacare at 27 billion and that barely reaches mid Canadians. The conservatives in the Liberal Party are only seeking six billion which wouldn’t even put a small dent in supporting patients. Medicinal my way was established to ensure that there is access for…

Political game on Patients

Access and Affordability - A political Game

We will be hearing a lot in the upcoming federal election about who is going to support the patient. It appears that everyone is wanting to create a platform that supports a patient but not clearly identifying if it will.  So far the liberal party has come forward with offering pharmacare available for all Canadians and will kick-start it with six billion dollars towards the provinces to help implement this. The problem is the Liberals have been promising this in 1997 and in 2004 yet have not started or implemented anything at this stage. Is it a false promise? The real challenge of course is if it is a minority government it plays a big role. If the conservatives get voted in as a minority it means a pharmacare plan probably will be dragged out. If the Liberals become a minority leader and green party are the opposition it could…

MMW - High Canada Magazine

High Canada Magazine - Feature

Medicinal My Way was featured in High Canada Magazine in February 2019 and the message at the time was there was a court order for Lofchik that was issued for the constitutional right to gain access by patients. This was met with confusion by the Province with the Cannabis Act Section 18 that stated that no operation can exist and police may have full authority to enact closure. This has resulted in a full court case from Medicinal My Way after all closures of medicinal cannabis have been shut down. This court case will be reviewed and we’ll update all on the situation. Medicinal My Way is a Not-For-Profit organization that supports the patients access, no tax, and the representation of patients across Canada that can gain access to their prescribed medication. We understand that there are those that do not have fixed addresses, and the means to afford their…

Rob Frid speaking at Medical Cannabis week.

Rob Frid - Medicinal My Way - Speaker

Medical Cannabis Week; Rob Frid was at Medical Cannabis Week to speak with other key speakers about on varying aspects of medical cannabis, from technology and innovation to animal health, cannabis and sport and research. The talks were setup as either 5-minute talks presented by an individual speaker or a 7-minute, one-on-one interview-style fireside chat. Rob Frid is interviewed by James O’Hara to talk about the challenges of patients and namely Rob struggles with access and supporting the medical Cannabis as an option. Including affordability.

Rob Frid - Medicinal My Way

Medical Cannabis Week

Medicinal My Way is excited to be featured, with Rob Frid, Executive Director at Medical Cannabis week, by the Business of Cannabis. May 6 -10, 2019 Toronto Rob Frid was featured as the key speaker to discuss patient limitations and access to medical cannabis. Rob, an ex-pro hockey player is a supporter of all patients across the country with the vision of supporting patients to have affordable and access to their prescribed medical Cannabis.

Tell Hamilton Council the Patient Paradox Must End

While retail solutions for recreational cannabis are rolling in, medical cannabis patients are being cut off from the same kind of in-community access. Medical dispensary closures are leaving patients at risk and without alternatives to the current mail-order system. There IS a solution. Contact your councillors today tell them that patients deserve better! Listed below are the City of Hamilton councillors by ward. Let them know that Hamilton patients need a medical dispensary solution! It is possible under the Lofchik Order! Not sure what ward you’re in? Find your ward on the City of Hamilton website. Ward Name Email Phone Number 1 Maureen Wilson 905-546-2416 2 Jason Farr 905-546-2711 3 Nrinder Nann 905-546-2702 4 Sam Merulla 905-546-4512 5 Chad Collins 905-546-2716 6 Tom Jackson 905-546-2707 7 Esther Pauls 905-546-2706 8 John Paul Danko 905-521-3954 9 Brad Clark 905-546-2703 10 Maria Pearson…

Cannabis Lawyer Jack Lloyd on the Bill Kelly Podcast - Illegal Pot Shops

Take Action! Update

WHAT IS HAPPENING: One of our core objectives is to make medicinal cannabis available in a brick and mortar environment. Many patients visit or rely on dispensaries in their communities to supplement the shortcomings of the legal medical cannabis system/process.  In August 2017 Mr. Justice Lofchik of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice agreed and ordered that a local cannabis dispensary could remain open on the condition they sell cannabis only to patients with a valid medical document. While a full hearing on the government’s mail order system is pending, the order was a powerful statement on the pressing need for brick and mortar solutions for patients in the community.   As dispensaries are being targeted and forced to close, patients are desperate for the remaining few to continue operations under the Lofchik order. Cannabis lawyer Jack Lloyd argued the case and posited, you cannot prohibit dispensaries at a time when the government’s system is broken….

Luncheon with Hamilton Police Chief Girt

Appointed as Chief in May 2016, Chief Eric Girt is responsible for one of the largest major municipal law enforcement agencies in the Province of Ontario. At a luncheon today hosted by the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce, he spoke about Crisis Response Units and programs within the city designed to address and serve the needs of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Medicinal My Way was in attendance to challenge the exclusion of medical cannabis patients as part of those considered vulnerable, who have been placed directly at risk by the recent closures of local medical cannabis dispensaries. The Social Navigator Program (SNP), Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST), and Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT) exist to assess and follow up with the needs of at-risk individuals -with a mental health issue or concern – who have had repeat interactions with the Hamilton Police Service….

Canadians have the right to quality healthcare. Together we can break barriers to access for all.
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