Pharmacare is one of the hottest debated discussions in the next election. And yet the reality is while many patients suffer that are on disability or seeking assistance based on their limited income, if you’re a government employee you’re already receiving all the pharmaceutical support you ever needed. Why is it that a government employee is always covered and the rest of the country has to suffer. We can’t even find access through our medical cannabis prescriptions our government on all levels can’t seem to find a solution for the rest of the country. As stated in this article the green party has the most allocated for pharmacare at 27 billion and that barely reaches mid Canadians. The conservatives in the Liberal Party are only seeking six billion which wouldn’t even put a small dent in supporting patients. Medicinal my way was established to ensure that there is access for patients and affordability for those that are on disability or do not have the financial means to afford their medical cannabis. Please donate and support the cause as we fight our rights in the Supreme Court against Health Canada allowing Canadians the right to have their medicinal cannabis available and affordable¬†

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