How Medical Cannabis Patients Should Work Together After Legalization

Canada is on its way to legalizing recreational marijuana—and this means medical cannabis patients need to work together more than ever before. While this is a progressive movement for the economy and Canadians in-favour of recreational cannabis, patients who use medicinal cannabis are being denied the same opportunity for choices and access as recreational users will have. Medical users are subjected to an archaic set of rules that cause longer waiting times and tedious processes. This is where working together gives patients a platform for a collected, strong voice that will encourage the government to put forth laws that create real change. How can patients work together after legalization? Continue creating conversations — Educating our greater community on the value of medicinal cannabis and the life-changing experiences it has provided patients is crucial to winning the support of our country. Create or join for-cause groups — There are multiple organizations…

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Medicinal Cannabis

It’s not uncommon that many patients struggle to engage with their physicians in meaningful conversations, especially when raising the subject of medical cannabis. Most people defer from discussing medicinal cannabis treatment options with their doctor because they fear irrational consequences and judgement. It’s important to remember that doctors are trained and accustomed to patients bringing ideas about treatment options—cannabis therapeutics are no different. Here are a few steps to make this process easy and comfortable for you: Do Your Research Equip yourself with some research and evidence behind medical cannabis. Do you know someone who’s been treated? Express how past cases or referrals pique your curiosity. This should be a healthy conversation about evidence-based treatment options and how they can benefit your condition. Your doctor can clear some of your hesitations and discuss their experience with cannabis treatment. Share Your Medical History It’s important that you speak with a physician…

Debunking 3 Medical Cannabis Myths

For years, Canadians have associated cannabis with other drugs that could lead to negative outcomes. This perspective influenced stigmatization among cannabis users and gave birth to many myths and misunderstandings concerning the use and effects of cannabis. If you have just started treatment with cannabis or know someone who is considering the use of medical cannabis, it’s crucial to educate yourself on the real effects of cannabis and to base your decision on facts—not myths. We want to help debunk 3 of the major myths regarding the use of medical cannabis. All medical cannabis will inevitably get you “high” FALSE. The use of medical cannabis is intended to relieve the pain that contemporary medicine fails to do. It’s a therapeutic alternative to ease the mind and body of the patients, and the result of a main ingredient called CBD. CBD mutes any psychoactive effects and is primarily responsible for reducing…

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