Care, Complexity and Compassion — What Our Patients Need You to Understand

For many years, medicinal cannabis has been studied by scientists and researchers striving to understand the healing properties that come from its high cannabidiol (CBD) content and high levels of medical terpenes and flavonoids. Results have, in turn, empowered health care providers, patients and a supportive community to gradually accept the positive effects of medical cannabis and the level of mental, physical and emotional healing capabilities it encompasses. The treatable conditions within the growing purvue of medical cannabis are complex and range from nausea and chronic pain to anxiety and neuropathic pain. Studies have shown that participants provided with cannabis products in various forms showed a decrease in pain and an increase in quality of life- the focus and hope of all patients and their support networks.   In large part, studies and medical research have contributed to a gradual acceptance of medical cannabis in the perspectives of our collective…


It’s a start, but why is it left to a company to absorb and submit the tax. It shouldn’t be limited to just one company. Congratulations to canopy growth for seeing the benefit of why tax should not be applied to a product that is used for medicinal reasons. It’s one small step but a larger message needs to be shared in regards to telling our government that we need access, and no tax applicable to our medicine  CLICK THE LINK to download the full Media release CFAMM-June-13-2018-Canopy-press-release

4 Great Books On Medical Cannabis Worth Reading

In the coming weeks of the Canadian government’s legislation to legalize cannabis, it’s becoming even more important to educate ourselves on this shift in policy, as well as the history and the influence of medicinal cannabis. It’s no surprise that the use of medical cannabis continues to grow among patients, healthcare communities and the overall Canadian population as a treatment. Much-deserved recognition and respect for this powerful medicine are growing because supporters have always advocated for educated and informed decision making on the policies and conversations surrounding it. The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness by Steve DeAngelo This book was written by none other than the founder of the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the world. It offers both a visionary approach and strong call-to-action when it comes to activating a positive perspective on medical cannabis. The book dives into all the essential questions about cannabis and beautifully…

Amazing what Medicine can do!!!

It was this past week that the media in the UK took to share a story of how Billy Caldwell (age 12) was having life threatening issues through epileptic attacks and the public that would stand together to help this young boy get access.   This is exactly HOW we at Medicinal My Way are speaking loudly and to our government with your voices and ours.  It’s time we put #patientsfirst.  If Billy was in Canada, he’d have the ability to get access…HOWEVER he’d have to mail his prescription away and wait for the Licensed Producers to mail it.   We can speak out in Canada as we have the RIGHT to our medicine already…but we don’t have easy access.  SHARE YOUR STORY NOW.

Portugal accepts medicinal cannabis

As other countries are starting to come on board with supporting medicinal cannabis, it’s critical to understand that how to access the medicine is part of their process. As Portugal jumps into creating a simple and easy process, this is exactly the goals and expectations of medicinal my way. Creating easy access to to get medicine. Through Pharmaceutical and no tax associated with the medicine prescribed.

Rile Cote - Former Philadelphia Flyers supports Medicinal My Way

Riley Cote was a force to be reckoned with back in the late 2000’s as he managed to own the ice in Philly and across the NHL.  Currently supporting Hemp Heals, and Athletes for Care, Riley has managed to help hundreds of athletes from all walks and organizations including the CFL, NFL, NHL and Olympics to understand, share and achieve a better way of living using medicinal cannabis.   Medicinal My Way has connected with Athletes for Care and we are united in our efforts to support  ALL patients in Canada achieve affordable medicine, without unprecedented taxes applied.

Success - where Cannabis Oil helps boy with severe Epilepsy

Another story, this time in the United Kingdom, through the BBC UK where cannabis oil truly helped a 12 year old boy from having seizures and medical issues. Medicine should be accessible to everyone. The story gave all of us Shivers, knowing that he can now live quality lights. Suffering for so many years and now has the ability. Canada is a leader when it comes to Medicinal cannabis, yet he still have to make it accessible, not taxed and available for all walks of life in this country.

CFAMM - Candians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana

We are excited to announce a coalition member CFAMM  in our constant pursuit of making a change for the patient. Access to medicine should not be limited it should not be taxed and should be available for all Canadian citizens.

Multicare Benefits

MultiCare Benefits - new member to Coalition Member

Medicinal My Way is excited to announce a new Coalition Partner with MultiCare Benefits. As the laws are changing and benefits companies are now supporting through Sun Life and Manulife patients who have prescription for medicinal cannabis, reinforces our message is critical to all levels of government speaking to having access. The current way of mailing to get your prescription has to change, it shouldn’t be taxed and it should be available for all. MultiCare benefits provides benefits solutions for corporations throughout Canada in the United States

Canadians have the right to quality healthcare. Together we can break barriers to access for all.
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