Medicinal My Way was featured in High Canada Magazine in February 2019 and the message at the time was there was a court order for Lofchik that was issued for the constitutional right to gain access by patients.

This was met with confusion by the Province with the Cannabis Act Section 18 that stated that no operation can exist and police may have full authority to enact closure.

This has resulted in a full court case from Medicinal My Way after all closures of medicinal cannabis have been shut down. This court case will be reviewed and we’ll update all on the situation.

Medicinal My Way is a Not-For-Profit organization that supports the patients access, no tax, and the representation of patients across Canada that can gain access to their prescribed medication. We understand that there are those that do not have fixed addresses, and the means to afford their medicine.

Please donate and help us fight for YOU the patient. Together we can help represent you!