Political game on Patients
Politics with Patients….Medicinal My Way is fighting for all Canadians to win

We will be hearing a lot in the upcoming federal election about who is going to support the patient. It appears that everyone is wanting to create a platform that supports a patient but not clearly identifying if it will. 

So far the liberal party has come forward with offering pharmacare available for all Canadians and will kick-start it with six billion dollars towards the provinces to help implement this. The problem is the Liberals have been promising this in 1997 and in 2004 yet have not started or implemented anything at this stage. Is it a false promise? The real challenge of course is if it is a minority government it plays a big role. If the conservatives get voted in as a minority it means a pharmacare plan probably will be dragged out. If the Liberals become a minority leader and green party are the opposition it could result in a quicker support for pharmacare supporting all patients. The reality is that all politicians are going to play the medical game for votes. It’s been years medical cannabis has been available through Health Canada registered through licensed producers. And yet in this day and age we are struggled with how to get access in a forwarding medical cannabis. What’s not discuss through these platforms  is clearly how they’re going to address the medical cannabis needs. The green party took a strong lead forward in regards to supporting tax being removed on medical cannabis patients. This is an extremely strong statement and a positive one that has been supported through CFAMM And also through medicinal my way.

 Election is going to be an exciting one and it will be interesting to see if the Liberals can hold strong with their leadership. The reality is patients are suffering dearly and medicinal my way is going to be pushing strong with trying to find a party that can best meet the needs of all patients in the country. There hasn’t been one party at that is speaking across the board for everyone.

 Support our campaign as we pushing the courts the voice of patients getting access to their cannabis and affording the ability to purchase it.