Ambassador Gerald Major

On October 19, 2018, we as a country celebrated the first-ever National Psoriatic Arthritis day. In keeping the momentum going we would like to highlight one of Medicinal My Way’s esteemed ambassadors, the President of the Canadian Spondylitis Association, Gerald Major. Gerald Major is a medical cannabis patient, a staunch chronic illness advocate and an arthritis survivor. Gerald’s Arthritis...

National Psoriatic Arthritis Day

Lifestyle adjustments. Pain medications. Questions.  All three of these have one thing in common: Psoriatic Arthritis. Today, October 19th 2018 will be recognized as National Psoriatic Arthritis Day. For those who do not know, Psoriatic arthritis is a condition that combines the swollen sore joints of arthritis with psoriasis in the peripheral joints (the joints of your arms and legs, in...

Former NHL player, Riley Cote, is the Topic in Last Week's Athletic Toronto Article

“Former NHL enforcer Riley Cote in Toronto to promote cannabis as a tool to help all people.” – Sean Fitz-Gerald.   Sean Fitz-Gerald, a Journalist for The Athletic Toronto Media Company and attendee of the September 10th Luncheon with the Original 6, writes about Riley Cote’s mission to increase awareness about medicinal cannabis. “It’s no joke,” Cote...

Rob Frid Guest Stars on The Business of Cannabis - 419 Podcast

The Business of Cannabis recently launched a new podcast series called the 419, a daily show exploring the latest news with top industry experts. On August 30th, 2018, our very own Rob Frid, Ambassador for Medicinal My Way and former professional league hockey player, guest starred on the live interactive show hosted by the CEO Jay Rosenthal. Frid shares his passion for destigmatizing medicinal ca...

NHL Luncheon Hosted By Medicinal My Way And Athletes For Care

On September 10th 2018, Medicinal My Way and Athletes for Care will be co-hosting a private luncheon panel for the famed NHL Original Six to discuss current cannabis research, education, policy, support and advocacy efforts pertaining to athletes and the general public. Riley Cote, a former NHL player, and Dr. Mainville, a powerful advocate for improved and equal access to medicinal cannabis, will...

Government Subsidized Funding Doesn’t Recognize Medicinal Cannabis for Coverage

Currently the Ontario government is aligned with the Federal government regarding their views on medicinal cannabis. It is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a prescribed medication and therefore does not get coverage on most insurance plans, including those that the provincial government subsidizes. The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) often provides funding for its memb...

Manulife and Shoppers Drug Mart Medicinal Cannabis Program: What does this mean for you?

One of the hurdles that limits access to medicinal cannabis, is the lack of coverage by insurance companies due to the lack of recognition of medicinal cannabis as a prescribed drug. Many patients that rely on medicinal cannabis struggle to afford it at the time of purchase, limiting their access and impeding their health and quality of life. However, there is an insurance company partnering with...

THC and CBD - What’s the Difference?

For as long as the medical community has been using cannabis, they have broken it down chemically to find the most effective applications for the treatment of patients.  Two primary components for therapeutic uses have been identified. These two chemicals are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC), and cannabidiol (also known as CMD).  Each substance has their own set of proper...

Adult Use Cannabis vs. Medical Use Cannabis: What Legalization Means for Patients 

Adult use, or recreational use, cannabis will be legal for purchase as of Oct. 17, 2018.  On the surface, one would believe this to be a great step in the fight to destigmatize cannabis use and increase the ease of access for patients requiring cannabis as part of their treatment plan, but that is not the case.  Although the legalization of cannabis could lead to more studies conducted o...

Medicinal Cannabis and its use and effects on Alzheimer’s Disease

Over half a million Canadians live with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, with approximately 250,000 being diagnosed every year.  This disease is aggressively running through our country’s health care costs, research dollars, and most importantly, the quality of life of every sufferer and their caregivers.  Current medications in place can help delay the disease progression but they...
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Take Action Hamilton!

While retail solutions for recreational cannabis are rolling in, medical cannabis patients are being cut off from the same kind of in-community access. Medical dispensary closures are leaving patients at risk and without alternatives to the current mail-order system.

There IS a solution. Contact your councillors today tell them that patients deserve better!

Patients in Hamilton, ON call for City Council to Intervene

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