The Business of Cannabis recently launched a new podcast series called the 419, a daily show exploring the latest news with top industry experts. On August 30th, 2018, our very own Rob Frid, Ambassador for Medicinal My Way and former professional league hockey player, guest starred on the live interactive show hosted by the CEO Jay Rosenthal.

Frid shares his passion for destigmatizing medicinal cannabis by discussing his long-term battle with chronic pain, due to his hockey career, and the better quality of life he’s able to live after choosing medicinal cannabis.

Countless patients all over the world are suffering from chronic pain, and negative stereotypes surrounding medicinal cannabis creates roadblocks for its accessibility to patients. It’s vital that we take the time to educate ourselves about medicinal cannabis and ultimately remove the stigma attached to it. Please click the link below to listen to the full podcast and to learn more about the benefits of medicinal cannabis.