Medicinal my way

Who Are We

Medicinal My Way is the collective voice of patients, families, athletes, first responders, healthcare providers, charities and associations not only leading the conversation about medicinal cannabis in Canada but also changing it. We provide a platform for national discussion and seek to build steering committees that will put the right processes in place to support the medicinal cannabis patient community.

We are working hard to improve the accessibility of medicinal cannabis in Canada and strengthen current legal momentum to the benefit of every Canadian. We are calling on the federal government to re-evaluate the current processes in place to make way for positive change by putting patients first. Our mission is to improve the accessibility of medicinal cannabis. Our goals to achieve this are clear: remove unconstitutional taxation from medicinal cannabis, create access through “brick and mortar” locations, provide a full range of medication to meet patient needs at these locations- from flower to capsule to oils and beyond – and, support patients in need who face financial, physical, medical or other socio-economic barriers to care.

We understand the benefits medicinal cannabis offers and how it provides solutions for people across the globe. We began as a platform for a nation-wide community to share their stories of and implore their government at all levels with a unified message of putting #PatientsFirst. Medicinal My Way believes that good policy is created when those who are the most affected are at the table and we intend to keep connecting our communities, demystifying federal laws and providing advocates the resources they need to include their voices in the movement.