Caring about the patient perspective
You deserve better access, too.

You are the patients and the friends and family of loved ones who have been diagnosed and can and are being treated with medical cannabis. You believe in and understand what medical cannabis can do for your health, your healing process and, the well-being of wounded mind and body.

You deserve a better quality of life – and better access to it too.

At MedicinalMyWay, we want patients to feel cared for, to be recognized as important members of society with equal rights to fair access, and feel empowered to be positive ambassadors of medical cannabis. We want patients to be the change-makers and the conversation leaders at all levels of Canadian government.

Your stories are the inspiration for our greater community, and most importantly to other patients, whose suffering your story can end.

All Canadians deserve the right to quality health care, so why create barriers to access just that?

Be the change you want to see.

We are as a channel to lead the change, one patient story at a time.

Latest Stories

February 11, 2019
Medical cannabis patients in Hamilton, Ontario are at the mercy of local law enforcement as local medically-focused dispensaries are targeted. Hamilton Mayor and council remain silent. In August 2017 Mr. Justice Lofchik of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered that a local cannabis dispensary could remain open...Read More
October 22, 2018
While cannabis has been used for years by the medical community for treating various conditions, a recently published study puts the spotlight on medicinal cannabinoids as a candidate for treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a neurodegenerative disease of unknown cause that can affect a...Read More