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Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada on October 17th, 2018, there has been better access to the recreational/adult use market. However, legalization has done very little to improve access for patients, since they are still unable to fairly or easily access medicinal cannabis to treat diseases and manage pain. Although it was expected that legalization would naturally come with many problems as the government adjusts to issues of supply and demand, it is nonetheless unconstitutional for those in need of medical care and relief to suffer due to lack of access. Medicinal My Way (MMW) believes that there are currently many unnecessary and unfair barriers to access. These barriers must be acknowledged and dealt with at a community and government level in order for medicinal cannabis to benefit all. One of the foremost barriers to accessing medical cannabis is a lack of financial resources. This lack also negatively affects…

Patient Resource - Cannabis Legislation in Canada

The history of cannabis goes back for thousands of years. From the use of hemp cord in Taiwan (8000 BCE) to cannabis seeds being grown for food and oil in China (6000 BCE), cannabis has always been a natural resource with many uses throughout the world. Even in the 1800s, the Canadian government was giving hemp seeds to farmers in order to stimulate the economy by encouraging farmers to grow cannabis for hemp-related products. Despite this promising start, the use of cannabis would begin to build controversy and fuel much discussion in Canada over the next few generations. TIMELINE OF CANNABIS LEGISLATION IN CANADA 1923 Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King makes cannabis a criminal offense under the Opium and Narcotic Drug Act. 1932 The first record of cannabis seizure by the Canadian government. 1960-1970s Due to changing social mores, charges for cannabis possession jump dramatically from 20 cases in…

Canadians have the right to quality healthcare. Together we can break barriers to access for all.
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