A Cannabis patient since 2014. Registered with 6 Licensed Producers and sampled 8 to this day. I’ve have some the worst time with getting a doctor to sign. They have all the refer madness slogans for us. When I did get a doctor to sign it wasn’t my doctor, it was a Skype doctor. Not that I had the funds anyway…a disability of $840 had to be given up for meds each month while my bills overran and a creditor came looking for money I couldn’t spare.

After signing all the waivers I had to teach a psychiatrist making a couple hundred thousand a year what exactly Herbal Cannabis and Healing was. I was his first patient ever on Cannabis as a treatment and I had to force him to do it. “I don’t know how he said. “Call a doctor running any rehab and they’ll answer your basic questions”, I responded. “Then all you do is adjust the amount of grams per day if I need less or more as we go along”.  “I signed all the waivers doctor, if I fail your ass is covered anyway and there is zero risk to you and your career”, I finished. So Tweed was the first…just over average quality. How do i understand what quality is? I removed all refer madness bull and tried it slowly…cautiously. Just took what I needed…no more, no less. I tried street, LP, dispensary and even got a grow permit and tried to grow. It cost about $1000 for a nice smaller setup. Fans, LEDs, basic pots for the herbs and soil. I used my garden’s compost, eggshells and no fertilizer from stores. My worm casting bin helps too.

I left Tweed for a local box, (LPee) and tried Organigram. The very first order had me disgusted and hacking for 15 minutes just to clear my lungs. (This sample I still have. For a month that followed I called them and emailed them to get this stuff replaced. But each time they spoke with me I said that they hadn’t fixed the last botched order. But they didn’t care. They listened to my complaint and tried to sweet talk me into ordering again and just forgetting about the poisoned weed I just got. (Why reorder when the first one was still hanging in the balance?) I gave up after a month with no; refund, replacement nor recourse. I even sent in an official complaint through Hellth Canada and nothing! And this was the very first order with Organithieves. They just kept the $145 and ran.

Then Canntrust. Wow! Moldy weed that smelled like the plastic bottle in came in. It was not able to burn at all and turned black immediately while it clumped and did not reduce in size. Then a couple of 40 ml bottles of moldy oil arrived. It tasted like olive oil and Pinesol and nearly made me vomit. A lady on Faceplant confirmed she got the same and had to throw it out. These bottles cost $100 each for which I pay $60 and Veteran Affairs pays the $40. I had just put in my Reservist Application and was accepted under Anxiety. The weed is basically free but VA pays less for the oils because they cost so much…way too much!

Emerald Health Botanicals was next. After a few months of sending average stuff it all fell apart. The order was 80 grams. 60 grams of it would be like rest, burned black, clumped right away and didn’t reduce and the ashes were black and dark grey. They accepted 60 grams of it back so I wouldn’t go short for the month. It’s the only way they can legally send you more.  They call and say; “we only sell in 10 gram bottles so you cannot have it all back, we also found only 40 grams when you say that you sent 60”. “How much are you going to steal”, I asked. Well…they kept 20 grams for themselves. Stealing!

Maricann…oh my! It took them over a month just to register me. Some tool left my application on his desk sign for and still did nothing. Luckily I had some organic home grown to keep my Severe Depression/Anxiety/PTSD/Severe Head Injury/ADD and OCD at rest. Bad weed and moldy oils again. 2 bottles of moldy oil and they wanted to only replace 1. I said sure…send what you like but I’ll hound you, put as much bad advertising on Faceplant as possible and let VA know that I fired your asses! They eventually sent the 2 replacement bottles…after 3 months of waiting.

CIG; (Canada’s Island Garden) The last Government Box Monopoly/Oligopoly Box weed that I will enjoy till just giving up on this shit show for Government Profits. This group of farmers has done a good job. The first order was sticky, skunky and had more meds on it; (frost) than any of the others. A year later though I had to warn them the meds were too dry and had trouble burning. Any worst and I’d have to return it. The answer I got from some Chris guy was; “I’ll take it under advisement”. Which to me means okay I hear you but I’m also getting rich off your ass and just don’t give a shit for your complaints. That’s the example this whole system has breathed since I began buying their products. “We make profits, we don’t do this by having compassion for you sick fucks and just give it away…so too bad”.

*Every time I got bad medicine from these thieving boxes I had to go to a dispensary, which was always cheaper when I ran out of my own and had to deal with bad legal weed. I’ve had rashes on my hips on both sides, I’ve had atheletes foot get 5 times worst, I’ve had a head to toe itch that persists right after the product was taken and until it finished. (This I take to be over fertilising without a proper flushing, spraying with pesticides to keep mold and bugs at bay, irradiation and months of it sitting in plastic. As little as 3 weeks of dispensary or home grown organic and those legal weed induced issues went away). It’s too hot during summer to grow inside and theft outside and with the length of time it takes to re-register…it just doesn’t work! By now only 2 out 6 LPees had a medicine I could use. The 2 samples were shared with another patient; Medreleaf and Cannamed. Medreleaf was the same as Tweed…average to just above average. Cannamed was another poisoned weed and bad oil box. Not worth what you’d pay. On average the dried weed for meds at any of these places priced out at $7-$9 for me. When it comes to dried meds VA pays up to $8.50 a gram and the Soldier pays the rest…and this is before and tax gets added and shipping.

*Reflecting upon this I can tell you that at least 30% of the total I received was bunk product. These places have master growers on site. So you’d expect a product of at least decent quality. But they also don’t want patients getting seeds in their Hermaphrodite products. This is where Irradiation kills the seeds and dries out the weed. The mechanical Auto Trimmers they use removes a large part of the medicine. (Frost). If a large part of the medicine is removed and most of the scent and taste comes from this…what do you get? A product that smells and tastes of the plastic bottle it sat in for 6 months or more. It’s really no wonder that a couple of these boxes have made clients sicker while under their care. Organiturds now have a law-suite against them that I’m following. (Action Against OrganiThieves that had Hellth Canada doing zero to fix and jusy lied and said that the levels were acceptable) on Faceplant… Mettrum is next to be dragged through the courts, I suspect.

*Now realize that this is the only legal source for Cannabis in Canada. What’s going to happen if this mess isn’t cleaned up and the masses are spending their hard earned money on poisoned weed do you imagine? The weekend warrior is going to want their money back. I predict 2 lines ups…one for the buying and the other for all the returns. The courts will be blocked by patients fighting for their rights and people sewing for their money back.

Cannabis should be Rescheduled and Decriminalized while we wait. PMJT needs to be fired and Hellth Canada needs a representative testing that 14 years for running away when people were made sick. Please have them arrested!