"It helped me to kick my pain killer addiction finally while giving me the relief needed"

When the wear and tear of decades of training for sports caught up to me 10 years ago I had to go on disability. Currently, I have had 10 related surgeries, had a rod put in my femur, a plate and artificial joints in my foot, 5 bulging lumbar discs, stenosis of the cervical spine and spondylosis of the sacrum. Along with osteoarthritis through every major joint even simple things like pulling my pants on became difficult. When I was sent to a pain clinic for treatment I was put on t-3’s – t-4’s but it gradually worked up to Percocet, Demerol, morphine, Dilaudid, Oxycontin and even methadone. My habit had gotten so bad I would chew 80mg oxycontin just to get some relief but my tolerance had gotten dangerously high. I then knew I needed help. 2 years ago I finally found a doctor who would register me for…

No Internet Makes Ordering My Medicine Difficult

My doctor prescribed cannabis to me two years ago and it has worked wonders! I don’t have internet at home so I go to my oldest daughter’s place and she helps me order when I need to but I also got set up at a dispensary for patients so I can get what I need on my own. I like talking with the staff too about the different products that could work for me. If it’s closed for good, I’m really upset. Why did the city shut it down? It’s hard enough when there are shortages of what I need to use and then to be stuck with one option to get it doesn’t seem fair.

Dispensary Closure Cut Me Off From My Medicine

I have esophageal and liver cancer and I am highly dependent on cannabis oil to alleviate pain and nausea. I have relied on a medical dispensary in a nearby community to get my medication often, especially this season when poor weather has delayed mail. With my symptoms, I can’t afford to run out or wait for my meds to be shipped to me. Last week, mail deliveries were delayed again because of bad weather, so I made the trip to the dispensary. Unfortunately, it had been shut down. I’m kind of stuck now for access to my medicine and very frustrated on top of being in a lot of pain. Something needs to change.

A Cannabis patient since 2014. Registered with 6 Licensed Producers and sampled 8 to this day. I've...

A Cannabis patient since 2014. Registered with 6 Licensed Producers and sampled 8 to this day. I’ve have some the worst time with getting a doctor to sign. They have all the refer madness slogans for us. When I did get a doctor to sign it wasn’t my doctor, it was a Skype doctor. Not that I had the funds anyway…a disability of $840 had to be given up for meds each month while my bills overran and a creditor came looking for money I couldn’t spare. After signing all the waivers I had to teach a psychiatrist making a couple hundred thousand a year what exactly Herbal Cannabis and Healing was. I was his first patient ever on Cannabis as a treatment and I had to force him to do it. “I don’t know how he said. “Call a doctor running any rehab and they’ll answer your basic questions”,…

I am a former professional hockey player who was prescribed Cannabis over 6 years ago from Parkwood...

I am a former professional hockey player who was prescribed Cannabis over 6 years ago from Parkwood Hospital to treat Neuromuscular Disease.  Athletes For Care #A4C stands tall behind you for the rights for Tax Free Medicine.  It’s Absolutely ridiculous the Canadian Government and Municipal Governments are taking this stance profiting off the backs of Sick Canadians!  There are patients on Low Level Government Disability programs who will already have a difficult time affording Cannabis…Now to Tax this Natural Plant Medicine will put people suffering in even more Hardships!!! We at Athletes 4 Care and The Hemp Heals Foundation Support you guys fully!  We look forward joining hands together in this Fight for the rights to medicate naturally…Our Rights as Canadians under our Constitutional Rights… One ❤ Love https://athletesforcare.org/ http://hemphealsfoundation.com/

Canadians have the right to quality healthcare. Together we can break barriers to access for all.
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