I was hit by a drunk driver in 2014. At the time there were no “serious injuries” thankfully but in the months and even years that followed I have dealt with the effects of a concussion, pain and weakness in my left side (where I was hit) which resulted in further injuries. I’ve also been in ongoing treatment for pressure and fluid buildup on my brain and spine affecting my vision. The list of medications kept getting longer but I wasn’t feeling better so I asked my family doctor about medical cannabis. He was immediately against it and warned me all about how bad “doing drugs” is for you. A friend referred me to a clinic where a different doctor actually listened and got me set up with some oils to help with the pain, anxiety and sleep. Not only am I off all pain medication now, but cannabis has helped me manage my symptoms so well that I can participate in other longer-term treatments such as physiotherapy to greater effect. Cannabis allows for actual healing instead of just dulling symptoms.