When it comes to crafting cannabis legislation in Canada, it is important to keep in mind the key differences between recreational and medicinal cannabis because there is a difference.

Medicinal users have been prescribed cannabis for a range of ailments – from anxiety to chronic pain- and in many cases it removes the need for highly-addictive and dangerous opioids and other prescription medication. There have even been cases where medicinal cannabis has successfully treated conditions where other medications failed to do so. The government plans to legalize recreational marijuana later in 2018, but have failed to make the crucial differentiation that will protect patients. The current plan seeks to tax medical cannabis at the same rate as recreational, but this leaves patients in a paradoxical situation that may limit their access to the medicine they need.

Medicinal My Way is seeking to bring patient priorities back into focus, but we need your help! Easily send a letter to your government, and join the cause to end the patient paradox. Share your story with us, and join our community in the fight. #LetsHeal #PatientsFirst

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