It’s heard time and time again. Medicinal cannabis is a solution to assist with suffering from a condition that could otherwise handicap them. There is a difference between medicinal and recreational, as outlined in the Financial Post, and it is quite clear that thousands of Canadians are seeking cannabis as a solution to replace their prescriptions. A problematic point with the proposed legislation puts medicinal cannabis in the same category as alcohol and cigarettes- something which needs to be addressed and changed! Patients deserve the best of Medical Care in Canada and each province, and convenient access to the medicine they need. Currently the Canadian law states you can access your medicinal cannabis by submitting your health Canada form, signed by your doctor and you will receive it within 10 days from a licensed producer. It’s time to make a difference! Patients must have convenient access to their medicinal cannabis, sooner. Have your say and share your story, tell a friend and send your message to Government. #Letsheal #Patientsfirst